I am bringing in shape files with a few attributes and can’t for the life of me figure out how to display the attribute as a label.

The shapes in Shapefiles are imported as Features grouped under Feature Topics. The Auto Label function will let you label all the Features in a Feature Topic.

First, tap the Topic View icon to turn on Topic View and select the Topic you wish to label.  On iCMTGIS II, Topic View is the next to the last icon from the top right side. On iGPSGIS II, Topic View is the last icon at the top.

This makes that Topic active.

Then tap on the Topic Menu icon and select Auto Label. Select the Attributes of interest. On iCMTGIS II, Topic Menu is the second icon from the left side. On iGPSGIS II,tap Main Menu then, Topic then select Auto Label.

Set the font size and color then tap OK.

You may tap on a displayed label and move it around in Map View.


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