How to view the acreage of an area?

“I bought the iphone app (iGPSGIS II). It did well plotting a polygon (using GPS), but i am unsure how to use the acreage tool.  I was forced to retrace the nodes and at that point it gave area.  Isn’t it supposed to give the area when you highlight the polygon?”

To see the acreage of an area displayed in Map View of the iGPSGIS II (or iCMTGIS II), please tap on  the area to highlight it then tap the Feature Properties icon IconFeatProp.

When you tap the Length/Area button in the Feature Properties screen, you will see the area and perimeter information.

The Measure Area and Measure Distance tools are for incidental measuring, independent of any existing areas or lines. These don’t keep any nodes that you have tapped. It’s like going around with a measuring tape to get some measurements. The bonus with the Measure Area function is that the area will be displayed after you go around an enclosed region.

By the way, if all you need is to be able to manually digitize an area over a map to create an Area Feature and see its acreage (as opposed to using GPS to plot the boundary), there is the Area – Distance app that will do it at a lower price.


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