Which of your iPad apps will help me re-map my farm or timber stands?

If your farm ground has changed a lot and no longer matches an old map of your farm, you could use the iCMTGIS II on your iPad with GPS to re-map the different fields.

You could set up a Feature List with an Area Feature Topic called “Field”, set the Time Interval for dynamic data logging at 1 sec per fix, and define one or more relevant Attributes (such as Crop Name, Date Planted, Yield, etc.).

Then you would log GPS data for each field (Area Feature) while driving around its perimeter. Each field can be assigned a different color. The data will be saved as a .pmp job file.

Ditto for mapping timber stands.

If your device is an iPhone, then you could use the iGPSGIS II to perform these tasks. The iPhone screen is a lot smaller.

You could purchase PC-GIS PRO to run on your PC and open the .pmp job file transferred from iCMTGIS II or iGPSGIS II. PC-GIS PRO will let you print out a map complete with Attribute labels (such as acreage and crop name) on each field as well as a field classification key. Contact support@cmtinc.com to purchase the PC-GIS PRO software program.


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