Can iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II share files?

The iCMTGIS I and iGPSGIS II apps use the same file formats for the .pmp, .fbr and .pim files as well as the Shapefiles. For those who own both apps the question arises as to whether it would be possible for these two apps to share the same files. For example, could a background image file be loaded once and be accessed from both apps?

Every app has a local Documents folder, which can be shared with iTunes. The files in the local Documents folder cannot be accessed by another app.

However, as both iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II support iCloud, they can access the same shared folder on cloud. In other words, if you use iCMTGIS II to load a background image to iCloud, you could make use of that background image in iGPSGIS II or another iCMTGIS II using the same iCloud account.

A word of caution regarding sharing the .pmp job files or the .fbr feature list files using iCloud. As defined by Apple, if two apps use the same file on the  cloud, these apps must synchronize the file automatically. Therefore, you must take care when using the same file in two different apps if you will be making changes to the file.

For example, suppose you open the same .pmp job (stored on the cloud) in both the iCMTGIS II and the iGPSGIS II apps. You add a Point Feature in iCMTGIS II, and you add a Line Feature in iGPSGIS II. When you save the job in iGPSGIS II, the job will be automatically loaded into iCMTGIS II from the cloud. As a result,  iCMTGIS II will gain a new Line Feature but lose the newly created Point Feature that has not yet been saved.


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