Will your iPad ap, Farming GPS GIS, allow me to load Variable rate planting maps in .shp format that I have created?

“If so once loaded can I carry my iPad around the field and find specific location on the shp file map in the field via GPS?”

Yes, you can load Shapefiles into Farming GPS GIS.

If your iPad comes with built-in GPS, or if it is connected to a compatible GPS receiver via Bluetooth, you will be able to see yourself on the displayed planting map when you and the iPad with GPS receiver are physically in the planting area. Then you will be able to drive or walk around the field and get to specific locations by observing your own position in relation to the target locations on the map.

Farming GPS GIS provides a Point Stakeout function specifically for the purpose of moving toward one or more target points. It also provides a Line Stakeout function that tells you how far you are from a Line or Area boundary when you move parallel to it. The more accurate your GPS device, the more precise the reported distance between you and the target location.

These functions are also available in our Forest GPS GIS app.


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