How to display lat-lon in decimal degrees in Farming GPS GIS

The coordinates shown by tapping on the map are always in deg-min-sec. However, in Farming GPS GIS and Forester GPS GIS, you can call up the  Setup – Unit and Angle System function and select Degree as the Angle Unit for displaying coordinates in Sheet View, for labeling angles, or for entering deed calls.

For example, to add the decimal Lat/Long as Attributes for your Topic, first tap on the Topic View icon on the right side then select the Topic. Then tap the Topic Menu icon on the left side and select Edit Topic.

Tap the Add button then tap the tiny arrow by the Name1 field. Select Position_X. Do the same to add Position_Y. Tap the Sheet View button and you will see the Lat/Lon in decimal degrees for each Feature in Farming GPS GIS.


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