GPS accuracy on an iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini

We have received many inquiries about the GPS accuracy on various models of the iOS devices. This is a question for Apple to answer, but the coveted information is nowhere to be found in the product specs.

In general, consumer-grade devices that are sold separately, or the GPS built into some PDAs, the iPhone or the iPad, are not of high accuracy, but can be used to satisfaction for determining larger acreages.  Point position accuracy generally improves if you log a number of GPS fixes at one location then have the average value computed. Such functionality is provided by iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II.

The accuracy provided by consumer-grade GPS can range from 1 m to 20 m, depending on the device and the conditions under which the measurements are made. The iPad Mini with cellular and the newer iPhone models provide GLONASS capability. These will offer better GPS position accuracy than the older models.

A number of consumer-grade GPS devices claim 1-3 m or 3-5 m, accuracies. Some of them are compatible with the iPhone and iPad (e.g. Dual XGPS150A, Garmin GLO GPS + GLONASS, Bad Elf GPS PRO) . We heard that there will soon be external Blue-tooth GPS devices with sub-meter accuracy available for use with the iPad. However, keep in mind that better accuracy usually comes with a higher price tag.


One Response to GPS accuracy on an iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini

  1. LanceAndre says:

    The CHC Navigation X20i is available in two versions (1 foot DGNSS and 1 cm RTK). All apps on the iPad or iPhone can now be 1 foot accurate or 1 cm accurate!

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