Upper-case and lower-case file names

iOS regards uppercase and lowercase file names as different files. In other words, the file names are case-sensitive. Suppose you have exported the shapes from your application software to a set of Shapefiles named MyBlock.* and copied them to your iOS device. And suppose now you export the shapes as myblock.* and copy them to your iOS device. On the iOS device, you will have two different job files instead of just one job file for the same set of shapes.

To avoid ambiguity, our apps will only take lower-case job file names.  In fact, they will automatically change the upper-case file names to lower-case file names in the app’s Documents folder whenever you access the “Open Job” screen or the “File Dialog” screen.

However, if a lower-case file name already exists, the app will not overwrite it by converting its upper-case equivalent into a lower-case file name. In this case, you must delete the unwanted lower-case file via iTunes if you want the app to use its upper-case equivalent.


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