Why does a .tif map file load up as parallelogram?

“My map files are .tif files and I download them in the UTM NAD83.

 When I load the .tif file into PC-GIS, I first go to “MAP – Coordinate System “ and make my Coordinate Information show UTM NAD83. I zero- out the false easting then select Zone 17 and Meters. I then load the .tif I need. The map loads up as a strange parallelogram shape.”

The map will be distorted if wrong parameters are specified for the coordinate system.

1. Do not zero out the False Easting but leave it at 500000.

2. When you load a georeferenced image file, PC-GIS gives you the option to create a .WDF file to save the coordinate reference information. Having a .WDF file associated with the image file will permit the software to load map without prompting you to enter the correct coordinate system.

However, if you loaded a map file using incorrect coordinate system and had a .WDF generated for that map, then that map will always load incorrectly. The solution is to delete the .WDF file then reload the map in the correct coordinate system and have a new WDF file created for it.


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