What’s a Nested Point in iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II?

Neste PointsSay you are walking or driving around the boundary of a large field using the I CMTGIS II or the iGPSGIS II to map the area. The GPS fixes are recorded for an Area Feature. There are a couple wells on the property that you would also like to map. Those would be recorded as Point Features. You could complete the Area Feature for the field, then come back to record the postions of the wells, but it would be better if you could interrupt the Area Feature when you get close to one of the wells and record a Point Feature right there. In the CMTGIS II or GPSGIS II terminology, such a Point Feature is a Nested Point. While logging data for a Line or Area Feature, you can tap the Nested Point button to record an point whenever you wish then continue with recording the remainder of the Line or Area Feature. The point will be recorded as a separate Point Feature with its own set of Attributes, independent of the Line or Area Feature.


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