Windows 7 will not let me install PC-GIS software

I’ve followed the installation instructions but, when the process shows 99%, it stalls.

There may be malware on your PC that prevents the software from installing properly. For instance, users of PC that run Windows 7 with XP Mode may have downloaded some free antivirus software for their Virtual Machine (XP Mode), such as AVAST. Or, they may have installed some free software, such as PDF995, which could have brought malware along to cause a few problems.

Please download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner and Microsoft Malware Software Removal on your PC, which will remove a number of malware. Then use the Control Panel to remove any remaining malware programs. Then restart the PC and try to install the software.

If the above steps still don’t work, and you don’t have the time nor knowledge to clean up bad registry entries, then you can try to install the software in SAFE mode, which should do the trick.


“That was a huge help thank you very much. I got the program downloaded successfully in safe mode and am getting rid of the malware now.

I appreciate the help!



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