Syncing iTunes with iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

To use iTunes for transferring data between your iPad and your PC, you will need to first synchronize the device with iTunes.

You could do so by running itunes then connecting your device to your PC via the USB cable for the device. You could also sync your device with iTunes via Wi-Fi. Using the Wi-Fi connection has the advantage of reducing the wear on the USB connectors on the cable as well as the connection port on the device.

You can see the steps for making the cable or Wi-Fi connection by clicking on the following link:

Making the connection is one thing, having the devices stay connected is another matter, particularly for the Wi-Fi connection. When you lose the Wi-Fi connection, first try turning off the device then turning it back on. If this does not re-establish the connection, you could try turning off the  device and exiting iTunes then restarting the connection. If it still won’t work, then connect the device to iTines via the USB cable.

Use the Device button on the right-hand side to select your device. There is also a larger button on the upper-left side of iTuens showing the device name. Do not click on the little arrow on that button as doing so will break the synchronization connection.

After syncing iTunes with your device, click on the Apps tab and scroll down to find the data for your app in the File Sharing section.


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