Do you have an app for Sales Route Management?

Not at this time, but our Utilities Data Collection app, due to be released soon, provides functions that could just as well be used for sales route management.

Let’s say you are to restock a number of vending machines in the county. You could set up a route of stops to be made and a database containing the store names, addresses, inventory items, a status field to indicate whether you have visited a certain stop on the current route, and perhaps a date field for entering the date of your last visit. The Meter Reading function will display the route connecting the stops and present a data entry form for each stop. You can scroll through the stops or go to a particular stop based on a search criterion. You will also be able to attach one or more photos to the Feature representing a stop.

You could have the Feature List set up such that the stops that have been visited will display in a different color than the ones you have not yet visited on the current route. The data for the route stops Topic can be exported and imported via a text file, which can be imported into Excel. After transferring the data to your PC or Mac, you can refresh the route stops by using the “Erase Values” function to zero out old data.  Please stay tuned for the announcement of the release of the Utility Data Collection app.


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