Search function in iPad GPS mapping app

“I am researching various applications to use on an iPad for mapping, data collection and form entry. I came across your product on-line. The one feature I am having difficulty finding for many tablet mapping apps is a search feature. By this I mean , I if I have a shapefile for addresses or pole numbers on the map can I search for this information with your application and be zoomed to that location?”

Our UTILITY DATA COLLECTION app, which will be released very soon, provides GPS mapping and data collection functions plus form entry and search capability for Point Topics (poles, meters, houses with addresses, etc.).

The Read Meter and Search Meter Record functions in this app can be applied to any Point Topic.

There is a Zoom to Topic function. You can zoom to see all the Features on a Topic displayed on the map. The Feature corresponding to the record you select by pointing to it or that is the result of a search will be highlighted in the map.


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