Which app will let me digitize my property then go out and find it?

Stakeout iCMT will display the Apple Map on your iPad (with WiFi and GPS) or your iPhone and let you digitize the boundary of your property and any landmarks on the built-in Apple Map. If you know the Latidude and Longitude of a point, you could also add the point to the map by entering these coordinates. The points, lines and areas you digitize will be stored as Features in the job file.

You can use the Point Stakeout function in this app to help you go to the Point Feautres or to any node on a Line Feature or Area Feature. The app will continually show the current distance between you and the target and display how far in which direction you should go to reach the target to stake it.

The Line Stakeout function in this app will help you move along a Line Feature or an Area Feature. You may store a position at any time as you walk along. Later, you may digitize the line or area boundary you have traversed by snapping to each of these points. The digitized Features can be output to a PDF file.

The Point Stakeout and Line Stakeout functions are also incorporated in the Farming GPS GIS app for the iPad and the Forester GPS GIS app for the iPad. If you have PC-GIS X, then you could send the job file from Farming GPS GIS or Foreser GPS GIS to this desktop software and also bring in a Google Map image as background then print the Feature data along with the background map. Or, you could use PC-GIS X to export the Feature data in .kml format and open the .kml file in Google Earth.


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