What will it take to do variable-rate seed and fertilizer applications

There are a few steps involved.

1) Map the boundary of the farm by using a GPS data collector to record GPS data, or by digitizing on a background map displayed on the screen.

2) Record soil sampling data on a grid using the GPS data collector, or enter such information into the PC software to characterize the zones.

3) Use the Classify function in the PC software to create a zone map.

4) Display the zone map on the iOS device, and use GPS to help go to each zone. This can be facilitated by using the stakeout functions provided by some of our apps.

Any one of the following software combinations will let you create a zone map on your PC and have it displayed on the iOS device:

1. Farming GPS GIS for iPad with PC-GIS X

Please read our blog post at these links:



2. iCMTGIS II for iPad with PC-GIS 9

3. iGPSGIS II for iPhone with PC-GIS 9

Farming GPS GIS is for users who do not need to use GPS to map the boundaries of the farm but want to digitize or view geographic features, record descriptive data for these features or stake out points, lines or areas. This app will display the zone map transferred from PC-GIS X. It will import Shapefiles, but not export Shapefiles. It shares the .pmp job data files with PC-GIS X. It provides stakeout functions that will help the user approach a target or move parallel to a line or an area boundary in the field.

iCMTGIS II and iGPSGIS II provide the functions for using GPS to map the farm boundaries and other Features as well as record soil sampling information, which can be
transferred to PC-GIS 9 to prepare the zone map. These apps can import and export Shapefiles, and they can share .pmp date files with PC-GIS 9. However, they do not provide stakeout capabilities. You could still use the GPS on your device to help guide you on the farm. There is a separate Stakeout iCMT for iPad and iPhone available. Stakeout iCMT will import Shapefiles and help you go to each zone to apply the fertilizers or do the seeding.

Suppose you do not need to use GPS to map the farm boundary but just want to use Farming GPS GIS to create a set of grid points that indicate the different amounts of seeds or fertilizers to apply. First, you would digitize the farm boundary or import the area shape from Shapfiles. You could use the Create Grid function to create a set of grid points over the area then use Point Stakeout to help you go to each point to record the soil data.

Then you could enter the proper quantity of seeds or fertilizer to apply around each grid location. If you set up the Grid Points Feature in the Feature List properly before entering the data, you will get color-coded grid points that reflect the different amounts of seeds or fertilizers to apply. In the Feature List setup screen, mark the “Activate Pattern” checkbox for an Attribute to be able to specify a different symbol/color for each Value defined for the Attribute. Only one Attribute can be used for classifying the Points this way. Be sure to associate this Feature List with the Job file.


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