Stakeout iCMT will help you stay in line

“I wondered if the tone can alert me when I am in line with that straight line.”

The Line Stakeout function provided by Stakeout iCMT, Farming GPS GIS and Forester GPS GIS will continually display the distance between you and your projected position on a Line Feature or the boundary of an Area Feature as you move parallel to or along the line.

When you tap the Settings button in a stakeout screen, you will see the options to display a message and/or issue a beep when you are within the distance specified in the Tolerance field. Therefore, if you set this tolerance value to be 1 ft, then as long as you are within 1 ft of the line you will hear beeps or see a “Target!” message flash on the screen. When you are out of bounds, the beeps will stop and you won’t see the “Target!” message.

Keep in mind, though, that the GPS built in the iPad is not that accurate. If you need accurate results, you should look into getting an accurate external GPS device that works with your iPhone, iPAD or iPod touch.


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