Will iCMTGIS II work on a wifi only ipad in area without wifi?

If you will be recording GPS data, you will need to have an iPad with built-in GPS or a compatible external GPS device connected to the iPad.

The wifi-only iPad will permit the built-in Apple Map to be displayed on the screen when wifi is available. When Location Service is available, you can turn on the GPS in the iCMTGIS II app and get an occasional position fix, which is not adequate for GPS data collection.

If you have internal or external GPS for the iPad, in areas without wifi the Apple Map won’t work, but GPS data collection will work just fine. In this case, you could use PC-GIS to prepare a .pim image file for use the background map on the iPad. Or, you could use imported Shapefiles as background reference. the .pim files and Shapefiles will work with iCMTGIS II, iGPSGIS II, Farming GPS GIS, Deed Calls Pro, Forester GPS GIS and Utility Data Collection


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