Mix work with pleasure using the newly released Deed Calls & Stakeout app

As many users find the stakeout functions helpful, we are now providing the Deed Calls & Stakeout app, which will enable you to stakeout the deed plot you have created using the Deed Calls functions. This app will work on your iPhone, iPad (with GPS) or iPod touch (with GPS).

This app will let you enter distances and angles from your deed to create a boundary plot. You may also enter an orientation angle for the deed plot.

The Point Stakeout function will help you locate and stake the individual nodes on the deed plot. The Line Stakeout function will guide you along the outline of the deed plot.

The Deed Calls & Stakeout app also provides the Measure Distance and Measure Area functions as well as the ability to export the deed plot and deed calls to a PDF file. You can export the deed shape to a DXF file. You can email the PDF files, job (*.dcf) files and the DXF files.

In addition, you will be able to view a PDF file from within the Deed Calls & Stakeout app by marking the View (on iPhone) or View File (on iPad) checkbox in the PDF Export File Dialog screen. You will be able to view not only a deed plot file you have saved but also view any PDF file you have copied into the Documents folder of this app.

And, of course, if you are into geo-caching, you could use the Stakeout functions to help you get to the caches and find the treasures. The article at this link points you to a couple attractions in the UK.

The Deed Calls & Stakeout app is now available at the Apple App Store.


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