How do I get my Feature map from iPad or iPhone onto Google Earth?

“I am wondering if I could get a refresher on how to get my map from the app on the ipad onto Google earth. . . . I have synced the ipad to the pc and gone into the list of apps for the iPad, located the icon for iCMTGIS II, but there is no document in the list that matches what I created today.”

Yes, the first step is to copy the .pmp job file to your PC-GIS folder. Many of our apps (such as iCMTGIS II, iGPSGIS II, Stakeout iCMT, Farmng GPS GIS, Forester GPS GIS, Utility Data Collection, Area – Distance, etc.) can save data in .pmp format.

Is the job open in iCMTGIS II? If so, select “Main Menu – Job – Save” to save the data. Then use “Main Menu – Job – Open” to open a different job or create a new job file. This will close the job you wish to transfer to the PC.

Now, you should see the job file that you have created today listed on the iTunes screen. Select that job file then click on the Save To button to save the job file to the C:\PCGIS9 folder.

Then you can open that job in PC-GIS and see the Features. In PC-GIS, click on the pull-down arrow for the Data Source Box and select Google Earth File(*.kml). Then select File/Export and give a name to the kml file. If you wish to also export the Attributes for the Features, then mark the “With Attribute” checkbox.
If your Feature data was not obtained from GPS mapping but was just digitized at 0 elevation, mark the “Clamp to ground” option so your Features will not be buried under the Google Earth map.

If you have the “Launch google Earth” option marked in the kml export screen, then when you click the OK button, Google Earth will run and zoom to your Features. When you click on a Feature, any exported Attributes will pop up on the screen for you to see.


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