Grid & Stakeout app 1.o.o released

If you’ve been using the Grid – Distance – Area app to create grid points or grid lines over an Area Feature, you might be interested in the new Grid & Stakeout app. This app will work on your iPhone, iPad (with GPS) or iPod touch (with external GPS) to help guide you to a grid point or along a grid line.

The Grid & Stakeout app will let you digitize Points and Areas and create a grid over one of the Area Features. The grid points or grid lines will be automatically generated. You may then use the Point Stakeout function to help you approach a grid point or a node on the area boundary. You may use the Line Stakeout function to help guide you along one of the grid lines. Although this app only lets you create grid points and lines for one single Area Feature, you can save the data to a job file before selecting another Area Feature to make grid points and grid lines for it.

The Grid & Stakeout app also provides the Measure Distance and Measure Area functions as well as the ability to export the Features and coordinates to a PDF file. There is also a function for emailing the PDF files and job (*.pmp) files.

In addition, you will be able to view a PDF file from within the Grid & Stakeout app by marking the View (on iPhone) or View File (on iPad) checkbox in the PDF Export File Dialog screen. You will be able to view not only the Feature plot and coordinates you have saved into a PDF file but also any PDF file you have copied into the Documents folder of this app.

The Create Grid, Point Stakeout and Line Stakeout functions are also provided in our Farming GPS GIS and Forestry GPS GIS apps, and you are not limited to creating a grid over just one Area Feature. However, these two apps only work with the iPad.

The Grid & Stakeout app is now available from the Apple App Store.


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