Canadian question – iCMT Stakeout

“I am interested in purchasing the iCMT stakeout app for my iphone. The reason for the purchase is I am looking to use it as a quick way to find survey control points/survey markers. It looks like this app allows me to enter geographic coordinates and then do a rough stakeout in the field to the point, or to a line. I am wondering: Am I reading the description correct, does the app allow me to what I’m looking for?
Does it work in Canada? I would hate to purchase it if it doesn’t support Canadian maps.
Can the units be changed to metric?”

Yes, you can use Stakeout iCMT on your iPhone to help you get to the vicinity of a location with geographic coordinates, or do a rough stakeout along a line.

Stakeout iCMT will let you select English or Metric distance/length units. You can also choose to display angles as Azimuth or Bearing.

This app supports the Apple Map, which is available when Wi-Fi is turned on.

If you have Shapefiles or DXF files for the area in which you will be working, you can import those into this app for use as off-line background reference.


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