How to transfer data files between an iOS app and a desk-top computer

This is a refresher on using iTunes to manage files created by an app for the iOS devices. Following are the steps you can take to move files between the app and your desk-top computer.

1. Run iTunes on your desk-top computer and connect your iOS device to it using the USB cable that came with your iOS device.
2. When connection has been established, you will see the device name, such as “iPhone” on a button near the upper-right corner of the iTunes screen. Click on that button.
3. Click on the “Apps” button at the top.
4. Scroll down all the way to the File Sharing Section.
5. Click on the name of your app, such as Deed Calls & Stakeout.
6. You should see your data files (such as the *.dcf files) listed. After you select one or more files, you can click the “Save To” button to save them to any folder on your computer. You can then attach these files to an email you are sending out from your computer.
7. To move a file from a folder on your computer to the app, you would click on the “Add” button then select the desired file from the folder in which it is stored. Remember that there are multiple files associated with Shapefiles. Be sure to add all of these files to the app’s document folder.
8. If your app has the capability to email data files, the recipient will need to download the attached file to their desk-top computer before they can move it into the app’s document folder.


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