Oops! Default angle and distance label positions switched

“In Mississippi, the normal order of calls in a deed is to have the direction of the call first and then the distance. For example; thence North 45 degrees 22 minutes 35 seconds East 500.00 feet to an iron pin; In the calls input section of your program you ask for the distance first and then the direction. It would read easier to input the first thing you read in the call first and then the next thing you read which would be the distance. Also in Mississippi, in the labeling of a line the direction goes on top of the line and the distance goes on the bottom. It is that same way in every program I have ever purchased regardless of what state or region. . . . I like your program and do not mean to seem critical.”

Thank you for your comments and valuable suggestions. We have modified Deed Calls & Stakeout, Deed Calls Pro and Deed Calls – Area – perimeter to incorporate the requested changes. Please look for a software update in the near future.



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