Dealing with hiccups on the iPad or iPhone

Occasionally, your iOS device needs to be reset to work properly again. For example, I’ve encountered problems in the past when all of a sudden the password for my Apple ID ceased to work. After changing the Apple ID and password on one device, another device may freeze up.
There are a few ways to deal with hiccups in an app or in the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch system itself.

1) If an app crashes, you can close it by double-clicking the Home button then swiping the open app screens out of the Home window. Then restart the app.

2) When you are unable to access your Photos or use Face Time on your device, you could try to do a soft reset by using Settings / General / Reset / Reset all settings. This will not cause you to lose any photos, apps or media. Afterwards, you will need to reset your time zone, reconnect to Wi-Fi, etc.

3) When the device totally freezes up, you could reset it by holding down the ON/OFF (Sleep/Wake) button for a few seconds. Wait for the Apple log to come up, then the Home screen will be displayed a bit later.

4) Hard Reset – Hold down the ON/OFF button and the Home button simultaneously for up to one minute until you see the Apple logo come up, then the Home screen will be displayed a bit later.

5) Factory Reset – This is a drastic step that should be used only as a last resort. Use iTunes to back up the data on the device. Use Settings / General / Reset / Erase All Content and Settings to clear all memory contents. Use iTunes to restore the data and check if it is any good.


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