Virtual Tree Bucking setup

The Virtual Tree Bucking app can enable a logger to decide on the optimal way to segment a tree for maximum profit, provided that the app has been properly set up with the detailed product database. That’s where the forest consultant can help. Once the system is set up for a region, the consultant could load the same database to the user’s device. Then the logger just needs to update the pricing in the app as necessary.

The product database is stored in the bucking.cfg configuration file. You can save it to your PC for safekeeping or transfer it to someone else’s iPad or iPhone running the Virtual Tree Bucking app.

The app will only load bucking.cfg when it runs for the very first time. Therefore, should you need to load a new bucking.cfg file or to reload a previously saved bucking.cfg file, first stop the running Virtual Tree Bucking app by double-clicking the Home button then dragging the app screens out of the window. Then copy bucking.cfg to the app’s Documents folder on your device to overwrite the existing file.


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