Where has Varas gone?

“I bought your deed plotter program around the first of the year. It is great and very useful. I’m not sure what has happened but a couple of weeks ago I notice the tabs between the deed plot image and the entry area changed from 5 tabs to 3. I thought maybe there was an update however I’ve discovered I can no longer change feet to varas. The deeds I deed plot are usually before 1960 so the vast majority are plotted in varas.”

Thank you for reporting the issue with the missing Varas distance unit. We have added it back in Deed Calls – Area – Perimeter Version 1.1.2, which has just been released. This update also provides an option under “GPS” to let you turn off the GPS beeps if they bother you.

As for the tabs, the functions have been relocated as follows:

The Unit function is now under Menu\Setup\Unit and Angle.

The Label function is now under Menu\Setup\Feature Labels.

You are now able to re-orient the entire deed plot if necessary.

The order of entering the deed calls has changed so that you will enter the angle then the distance as is customarily documented on the deeds.

In addition, you can now set the position of angle and distance labels relative to the line segment. The current default is with the angle label above the line segment.


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