Question about meter reading using the Utility Data Collection app

“Thanks for the info. It appears your software is very complete and well thought out. Of course my concern is making the meter readings entered on an IPad be able to be read into my billing software. One question I have is when creating a ‘custom’ format (or when using your standard format if one exists), is it possible to have more than one meter reading per record. For example it is possible that a customer could have two water meters on their property and both readings would appear on a single billing statement.”

Yes, you can add two (or more) fields for entering meter readings for the same location, e.g. Meter1 and Meter2. This is done via the Feature List setup. In the Feature List Feature Topic might be called CLIENT. The Meter1, Reading1, Meter2, Reading 2 would be added as Attributes for each CLIENT. The address information would also be added as Attributes for the CLIENT. Whatever data fields that need to be displayed or entered for a CLIENT are the Attributes for the CLIENT. The Values are the actual data that is displayed or entered. For those clients who only have one meter, you would leave the Meter2 and Reading fields blank.

The Utility Data Collection comes with a sample meter reading job and Feature List. You could save the sample Feature List under a new name and modify it to suit your application. It is just as easy to create a new Feature List from scratch after you have become familiar with this functionality.


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