How do I walk the boundary of my property?

A Partition & Stakeout user asked how he would use the app to walk the boundary of his property.

To use the Stakeout functionality to help you walk the boundary of a property, you will need to first place the property boundary in the app. One way to do so is to use a GPS device to record the Area Feature representing the property. This can be achieved by using a GPS/GIS data collection app such as iCMTGIS II, iGPSGIS II or the Utility Data Collection app. Another way is to use the digitization function provided by many of our apps, such as the Partition & Stakeout app.

So, in the Partition & Stakeout app, you would first turn GPS ON, turn the Apple Map on in the Show Hybrid mode and zoom to your property. Then you would select the Add Area manually function from the Tools menu and tap along the boundary of the property to create the Area Feature. You can make use of the Node tool to achieve more accurate digitization.

After the Area Feature has been created, you will see it on the screen. As you move, the GPS marker will move on the screen. You could just use the GPS marker as a guide in walking along the property boundary. Or, you could select the Area Feature as the target Feature for the Line Stakeout function, which will show you how far off you are from the Area Feature and how far along you have moved from the starting node of the Area Feature.


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