Entering Deed Calls with non-zero orientation angle

A Deed Calls & Stakeout user reported a couple issues:

“1) I can only get the fill to work if I use auto close.

2) Deeds I’m working with specify directions in magnetic north, so I use the orientation angle to correct for magnetic declination. When using an orientation angle to correct for magnetic declination, auto close does not work correctly.

. . . . . Are these bugs, or am I using the app incorrectly? If they are bugs, any chance these will be fixed? Thanks for the great apps”

Thank you very much for reporting these issues.

1) We will modify the app such that the area will be filled with the area pattern when the closing error is less than 1 meter.

2) The issue of Auto-close with non-zero Orientation will be fixed in the next update. Meanwhile you could complete the deed plot with Orientation set to 0 then enter the actual orientation angle to rotate the plot.



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