New Release: Landscape & Stakeout app 1.0.0

PathIf you would like to make a quick layout design for your property, the Landscape & Stakeout for iPAD app can help you create geo-referenced land feature shapes and also add scalable landscape layout shapes. With this app it is easy to put in a circular vegetable plot on your farm if you choose to do so. You will be able to put in a free-form sand pit on a golf course design. You will also be able to digitize a curved path with specified width.

A typical scenario of using this app involves the following steps:

1. Import the boundary shape or digitize it within this app.

2. Add Landscape Shapes to the landscape mapping job. Reposition and/or resize the landscape shapes as necessary.

3. Layout pipes and sprinklers.

4. Export the completed layout design to a PDF file or a DXF file.

5. Use the stakeout functions to help you get to the actual locations on the ground to install the layout per the design.

The function highlights of this app are:

* Import Feature shapes from Shapefiles or a DXF file.
* Draw various types of scalable Landscape Shapes.
* Move landscape shapes to desired locations on the drawing.
* Precisely digitize Point, Line and Area Features over the built-in Map.
* Move existing nodes to fine-tune the map drawing.
* Tag the regular Features with pre-defined Attribute/Values.
* Attach one or more photos to the selected Feature or Landscape Shape.
* Create grid points or grid lines over an Area Feature.
* Label the Line Features with segment lengths and directions as well as corner angles.
* Label the Area Features with size in acres and square feet or hectares and square meters.
* Measure distances and areas without saving the shapes.
* Create a Point from the entered address or coordinates.
* Create a Point or record a node by picking the GPS location.
* Export the Feature data to DXF.
* Output the drawing and the coordinates to PDF.
* Email the job data files and the PDF files to your colleagues.
* Use GPS to stake out Points or nodes on a Line or Area.
* Use GPS to guide you along a specified Line or Area boundary.

Please click on this link to read the press release published by The American Surveyor. This article is trackable at this link.

The Landscape & Stakeout app is now available at the Apple App Store.


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