Forester GPS GIS 1.0.5 update

The Forester GPS GIS app for iPad has been updated with the following changes to the Create Deed Calls function:

1. The deed plot area will be filled with the specified area pattern when the closing error is less than 1 meter.

2. The issue reported by a user that Auto-close did not work properly with non-zero Orientation has been fixed.


4 Responses to Forester GPS GIS 1.0.5 update

  1. byron says:

    I recently purchased and installed this App on an Ipad Mini. The learning curve has been steep for me but, I persist. I just noted, today, moving around with GPS activated does NOT leave a ‘navigation trail’ behind me ??? WoW !! I can only hope this is not normal and there is someting in setup I have missed ???

    Any and all help much appreciated

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Byron,

      The Tracklog function that will record the GPS track is provided in the iGPSGIS II, iCMTGIS II and Utility Data Collection apps. These apps as well as the Farming GPS GIS II and Forester GPS GIS II to be released in the near future are capable of continuously recording GPS fixes to record Points, Lines and Areas. The other apps like Forester GPS GIS don’t have this capability. Forester GPS GIS has a “Pick GPS” tool that you can tap on to record a GPS fix for a Point or for a node on a Line or Area. To manually make a line indicating where you’ve been, you could turn on GPS, create a Line Feature Topic, call up the Add Line Manually screen then tap the Pick icon whenever you want to drop a node on the track. If the automatic track recording is essential to you, perhaps you could return the app to the Apple App Store then purchase the Forester GPS GIS II when it is released. The Forester GPS GIS II will cost quite a bit more, though.

  2. byron says:

    Come on !! ……… when ? When do you see the Forester II coming out ?? …… I see Farming II but not for Forestry. Way too much of PITA to keep track ‘manually’ ….. kind of negates any advantage of having the app.

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