Deed Calls Pro 1.0.3 update

The Deed Calls Pro app for iPad has been updated with the following changes:

1. The deed plot area will be filled with the specified area pattern when the closing error is less than 1 meter.

2. The issue reported by a user that Auto-close did not work properly with non-zero Orientation has been fixed.


2 Responses to Deed Calls Pro 1.0.3 update

  1. Aluizio Andrade says:

    Does not work on iOS 8; when will be updated? I bought the app this week.
    I live in Brazil.

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Aluizio,

      iOS 8 comes with changes that have affected our apps. We are working on this issue and are submitting the updated apps to Apple for review. It will take some time to obtain the review approval and get the apps released. This may take a couple weeks or longer, depending on whether Apple is swamped with similar review requests from other software suppliers. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience. In the mean time, please view this Youtube video to see the procedure for creating a Topic layer and adding some features to the active Topic layer. If you have any general questions about Deed Calls Pro, please post it in a comment or send an email to

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