How to print Features with a map in the background

“Is there any way of printing the file with the actual photo of property in background, ie. trees, etc. . . . Once I send it to PDF, only the lined borders show?”

There is not a way to export the Apple background map to PDF.

If you are using an iPad or iPhone, you could  snap a picture of the display on your device by pressing the Home button and the Wake/Sleep button at the same time.

Some of our other apps, like Farming GPS GIS, Forestry GPS GIS and Utility Data Collection, will let you load a geo-referenced image in .pim format as background map, which can be exported to PDF along with the drawing of the Features.

In order to convert a geotiff, geojpeg, MRSID file, or a geo-referenced Google Earth map into a .pim file, you will need the PC-GIS software program. PC-GIS will let you load a geo-referenced raster image file (such as a TIFF file) and print the Features along with the background map, or send the map with background to a PDF file.

Information about PC-GIS can be found at this link:

When ordering, please mention the name of your iOS app so we may provide the link to download the matching version of PC-GIS.


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