How to rid the zigzag lines from the iGPSGIS II screen?

“Everywhere I go the iGPSGIS II screen draws a line and I end up with a mess on the screen.”

In the navigation mode iGPSGIS II, iCMTGIS II and Utility Data Collection will show a trail of where you have been. If you are not moving much, this can result in a display of zigzag lines on the screen because of the inaccuracy of the built-in GPS of the iPhone.
If you wish, you may turn off the display of the trail using the following steps:

Tap the Main Menu icon then select Setup.
Select Navigation Settings.
Enter “0” into the Trail Length field.

If you do not wish to hear the navigation beeps, you could turn them off by marking the Navigation Beep check box at the bottom.
The Featuring Beeps are emitted while you are actively recording GPS position data. You could turn them off as well, if you wish.


2 Responses to How to rid the zigzag lines from the iGPSGIS II screen?

  1. byron says:

    WoW !! It escapes me why you folks would provide for ‘ tracking ‘ in several other Apps and leave it out, completely, from Forester GPS GIS. What was / is the rationale that called for the exclusion ?? I can’t speak for other Foresters but, in my case, those continual tracks provide me with a lot of data. Also, I can walk the perimeter of an area and have a good working boundary or, walk a dry stream bed or path and have a decent representation for the final map. Having to manually enter a node from time to time will just be added workload …. which will then have to be ‘connected’ at a later date. So, in closing, can I purchase one of the other Apps that will work WITH ‘Forester’ and give me the tracks I’m looking for ???? !!!

    • cmtinc says:


      Different apps have different focuses. We realize that foresters and farmers may also need to do GPS mapping and data collection, of which the Tracklog is a part. Therefore, we are working on Farming GPS GIS II and Forester GPS GIS II. In fact, we have already submitted Farming GPS GIS II to Apple for review and approval.

      When you use the Add Line Manually function, all the nodes will the automatically connected into a line. Please try it in Forester GPS GIS.

      If you get the iCMTGIS II for iPad or the iGPSGIS II for iPhone, you could use the Tracklog function to record the track, or you could use the GPS Data Collection function to record a Line Feature in the background, while you perform other tasks using iPad. Later, you could email the iCMTGIS II job file to yourself then use Forester GPS GIS to preview and save this job file to the Forester GPS GIS document folder. Then you can work with this .pmp job file in Forester GPS GIS II. Please note that a .pmp job saved by Forester GPS GIS will not open in iCMTGIS II because the Forester GPS GIS has a more complicated data format. In Forester GPS GIS II, the GPS data collection functions and the forester utilities are provided within the same app, and you won’t need to transfer files between two apps.

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