How do I delete or add points to a polygon?

“I downloaded your Contour-Volume-Stakeout V1.0.0 on my iPad. Q1. How do I delete or add points to a polygon (I can move them with the “move node” tool.)”

This app does not provide a function to delete or add nodes to a polygon. Such functions are provided by the PC-GIS PRO software that you can purchase from us.(2015 Note: The new iCMTGIS III app provides the Insert Node and Delete Node functions on the Tools menu.)

You could use the Add Point manually function to add the desired new points then use the Add Area manually function and create a new polygon based on the nodes of the existing polygon and the additional point. With Snap to Node turned on, you can snap to the desired nodes to make the new polygon. Then you can delete the original polygon if you don’t need it anymore.

See also the article on how to change the shape of a polygon.



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