Polygons converted to Shapefiles using kml2shp online

“Q2. I imported a polygon with 12 corners (110 ac area in Pennsylvania) (KMZ from GoogleEarth converted to shape with kml2shp online). The imported polygon has two additional 14 points, one located near the south west coast of Africa. Any polygon imported as escrowed contains one point in the South Africa location. How o I deal with this.”

There is a bug in kml2shp online.

Your polygon with 12 corners will show 13 nodes in Contour-Volume-Stakeout and any of our other apps that imports Shapefiles. This is normal – nodes 1 and 13 are the same to close the polygon.

The problem is that, when converting a polygon, kml2shp online always adds one extra point with 0 Lat/Lon.

You can resolve this issue by modifying the coordinates of node14 to be the same as node13.

1) Select the polygon.

2) Tap on the Feature Properties icon to call up the dialog.

3) Change Node# to 13 and write down the LAT/LON.

4) Change Node# to 14 and replace LAT/LON with the values from node13.


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