First Node for Deed Calls & Stakeout

“I just downloaded your app, Deed Calls & Stakeout. . . . My issue is inputting the starting point.”

Said starting point references the southeast corner of a Section in a Township and Range in Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.

The needed coordinates can be found by using the tool at the following link:

Enter the State, Section, Township and Range data then click the View button. The LAT-LON are given in the Degrees unit. A 35 for the latitude should be entered as 35N, and a -95 for the longitude should be entered as 95W.

If you don’t have the coordinates of the starting point but can pinpoint that location on the displayed map, then you could tap the Pick button then tap on that location to select it as the first node. Use the Node Tool to achieve good placement of the starting node.


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