iOS 8 compatibility

“I made the mistake of updating my iPad to IOS 8 this weekend and now my ICMTGIS II app does not want to work. I’m hoping there are plans to fix this. I use this program a

Some of you may have upgraded to iOS 8 and are enjoying the new features it provides. You may also have discovered that your CMT apps no longer work. The reason is that iOS has changed the location of the Documents folders. Therefore, our apps are unable to access the correct folder for reading/writing files.

We are working on our apps for iOS 8 compatibility. It will take some time for us to submit them to Apple and get them reviewed and approved. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.

This article may be worthwhile reading for those of you who are considering to jump on upgrading to iOS8.



4 Responses to iOS 8 compatibility

  1. Marius says:

    What would you suggest, I bought the app. does not work, do I downgrade to Ios 7?

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Marius,

      It can be messy to downgrade to iOS 7. It will be best to wait awhile for the updates to be released. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  2. Thomas Brötz says:


    a downgrade to IOS 7 for my iPad goes not because Apple do not signature dis Version!

    We believe very fast an Upgrade for icmtgis II to fix for IOS 8 Version. We work whit the GIS Programm.



    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Thomas,

      We have updated iCMTGIS II as well as a number of our other apps for iOS 8 compatibility and submitted them to Apple for review.
      Apple will release the apps to the App Store after they have been approved. Thank you for your patience.

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