How to digitize a point, a line or an area over a map?

With many of the CMT apps, you can draw a point, a line or an area by tapping or dragging on the iPad or iPhone screen. This seems quite basic, but beginning users who have not read the instructions may be stumped because they are not yet familiar with the concept of Topic layers, which is employed in those CMT apps that provide a Topic View and a Sheet View.

To better manage your GPS/GIS data, point-type features like buildings or trees should be placed on a Point Topic layer; line-type features like roads and rivers should be on a Line Topic layer; area-type features like stands, parks and lakes should be added to an Area Topic layer. Please view this Youtube video to see the procedure for creating a Topic layer and adding some features to the active Topic layer.

You can turn on the built-in Apple map when wi-fi connection is available. Under the Main Menu select Map then select the desired map display mode.


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