I am looking to purchase an iPad app primarily to measure fields in remote locations. Would you able to advise whether or not your app will operate using gps signal as opposed to using wifi/3G.

If you are looking to measure fields by logging GPS positions, iCMTGIS II or Utility Data Collection is the app to get for your iPad.

Currently our apps are being updated for iOS 8 compatibility. If you have already updated your iOS device with iOS 8, please wait for our updated apps to be available before purchasing.

Please note that the built-in GPS of an iPad with GPS is not quite accurate. If you need about 1 meter to 3 meter accuracy, you could get an external Bluetooth GPS receiver such as the Bad Elf GPS, the Dual XGPS 150 or the Garmin GLO to use with the iPad. To get sub-meter accuracy, there is the iSXBlue II, which is very expensive.

The iCMTGIS II and Utility Data Collection apps can import and export Shapefiles. The Utility Data Collection is a newer app that provides the ability to export point data to an ASCII text file, and it will let you attach photos to the recorded Features.

Without wi-fi connection in the remote area, you will not be able to display the Apple Map as background. If you have a raster image for the remote area, you could get the PC-GIS software to run on your PC (or your Mac in PC mode) and convert it to a format that allows it to be displayed as background map in iCMTGIS II or Utility Data Collection.


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