Question about locating property lines

” I was looking for an ap for my I pad that would help me locate my property lines. I have 3.5 acres in ca and only two of my corners are marked. Do you make something where I can put in my parcel number and find approximate property corners?”

Just entering the parcel number will not do.

If you have the deed document that provides the bearings and distances for the property boundary, you could use our Deed Calls & Stakeout app to enter these values and find the property corners.

As you have two of the corners already marked, you could use one of them as the point of beginning. You could stand at that point and use the Pick GPS button in the Feature Info window in the app to enter that point as the starting point. Then you could enter the appropriate bearing and direction for each line segment of the property boundary.

You do need a fairly accurate GPS receiver in order to mark the other corners accurately. The GPS built into the iPad is not sufficiently accurate for this purpose. It can only get you to the vicinity of the corners (maybe within 30 ft). Please read this blog post about available external GPS receivers that are compatible with iPads and iPhones.


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