New Release: Farming GPS GIS II

Storing a Line Feature

Storing a Line Feature

We are pleased to announce the release of Farming GPS GIS II for use on the iPad. This app provides GPS data collection and mapping functionality in addition to the various utilities provided in the original Farming GPS GIS app.

This app will let you use a GPS receiver to map a farm tract, a timber tract or any other land parcel as well as point and line features of interest. You can also create features by importing feature data in Shapefiles or DXF format, by manual digitization or by entering deed calls. The acreage and perimeter of an area feature will be promptly computed. You can easily divide or combine the land plots. You will be able to record attribute information for each geographic feature. You will also be able to enter formulas to compute values derived from the recorded data. For example, when you enter the yield for a farm plot, the yield per acre can be automatically calculated based on the acreage of the plot. You could use the Point Stakeout function to help you locate an old land mark, and the Line Stakeout function could help you lay out a long pipeline. The position accuracy will depend on the accuracy of the GPS receiver used.

Farming GPS GIS II also provides the following additional functions:

* While GPS is turned on, store a track of where you have been.
* Export the feature data as Shapefiles.
* Attach one or more photos to any Feature.
* Convert measured distances or areas to Features.
* Display a direction line between the GPS marker and the stakeout target.
* iCloud file storage support.

A preview of this app can be found at the App Store.

This app is also listed with the website, which has the
largest listing of agricultural and farming related apps online.


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