How to import DXF files into Farming GPS GIS

“I have now downloaded the app and slowly getting to grips with all its functions! We currently use Promap mapping software which will allow us to export DXF files, are we able to download these straight into the app? If so, how would we go about doing this?”

1) Please use your mapping software to export the shapes you need to DXF in the LLA coordinate system.

2) Use iTunes on your desk-top computer to copy it to the Documents folder of the Farming GPS GIS app. To do so, first sync your device with your PC/MAC via iTunes. Click on “Apps” under the symbol representing your device then scroll down all the way to the Shared Documents section and select the Farming GPS GIS application. Use the “Add File” button at the very bottom to get the DXF file onto your device.

3) To import the DXF file, select the Main Menu of the Farming GPS GIS app, select Job, then select Import DXF. The DXF file that you have copied to the Documents folder of this app will be listed in the Import DXF screen. Select it. You will be prompted for the coordinate system. Confirm the LLA system and tap on OK. The shapes in your DXF should now display in Map View.

Ditto for Forester GPS GIS, Utility Data Collection, Contour – Volume – Stakeout, Landscape & Stakeout and the new Farming GPS GIS II app.


One Response to How to import DXF files into Farming GPS GIS

  1. Kirk Lindberg says:

    I was looking for a way to export my Stakeout maps to Google Earth so they could be easily shared with others. I found this site: Using the export function to create a .DXF file in Stakeout on my iPad, I then use iTunes to copy the file to my PC. From there I go to the above web site, select my file, choose Keyhole Markup Language as the output format and ta da, a KML file is generated. Opening the file in Google Earth displays my Stakeout Map now on a Google Earth map that can be saved and shared with others. Cool.

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