Virtual Tree Bucking updated for iOS 8 compatibility

Virtual Tree Bucking Version 1.0.1 has been released.
This update fixes the iOS 8 compatibility issue.

The Virtual Tree Bucking app will let you set up a database of the pricing in different units of various hardwood and softwood tree stem products and their placement on the tree stem. Then it can do the “what if” calculations for you to help you decide on which way to cut a tree stem to maximize profit. Following is a user’s comment:

“Just wanted to say the tree bucking app helped me to make very difficult choices today. I took bids on a pine stand from 4 timber buyers. Some buyers bid higher on sawlogs, others were high on chipnsaw or pulp. You could not look at the bids on paper and tell who was the highest bidder. Most trees had 3 products per tree. A few minutes with the app made it easy.”


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