How to export Stakeout maps to Google Earth

“I was looking for a way to export my Stakeout maps to Google Earth so they could be easily shared with others. I found this site: Using the export function to create a .DXF file in Stakeout on my iPad, I then use iTunes to copy the file to my PC. From there I go to the above web site, select my file, choose Keyhole Markup Language as the output format and ta da, a KML file is generated. Opening the file in Google Earth displays my Stakeout Map now on a Google Earth map that can be saved and shared with others. Cool.”

This was submitted by Kirk Lindberg as a comment to another post. As many of our apps can export Feature data in DXF format, we thought this information might be of interest to you. Keep in mind that Google Earth will only take KML files with coordinates in the Latitude-Longitude format. Therefore the DXF file will need to be in the LLA format for it to convert successfully. The Export DXF function in our apps can export the data in LLA format.

Of course, if you have the PC-GIS PRO mapping software, then you could open the .pmp job file directly in PC-GIS PRO and export the Feature data in KML, GPX, Shapefile, Excel, Access and ASCII file formats. You will not need to worry about the coordinate system used for the KML export as the software will automatically convert it to LLA for you and launch Google Earth to display the Features. In addition, you will be able to capture a geo-referenced image from Google Earth to use as a background map.


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