New Release: Forester GPS GSI II for iPad

IN Tree

IN Tree

We are pleased to announce the release of Forester GPS GIS II for use on the iPad. This app provides GPS data collection and mapping functionality in addition to the various utilities provided in the original Forester GPS GIS app.

“Forester GPS GIS II” provides tools for estimating basal area per acre for a timber stand as well as GPS data collection and mapping functions for use on the iPad. It will let you use a GPS receiver to map a timber stand or any other land parcel then create grid points over the area. You can also create features by importing feature data in Shapefiles or DXF format, by manual digitization or by entering deed calls. The acreage and perimeter of an area feature will be promptly computed. You can easily divide or combine the land plots. You will be able to record attribute information for each geographic feature. You also will be able to export the feature data as Shapefiles in LLA, UTM or State Plane coordinates.

If your device has GPS capability, the Point Stakeout function could help you locate the cruise points, and the Line Stakeout function could help you stay on a transect line. The accuracy of the location data depends on the GPS receiver used.


8 Responses to New Release: Forester GPS GSI II for iPad

  1. byron says:

    BUY THIS THING !!! If there is another App, for IPad, that is better, I have not encountered it. Oh, I’ve had my share of problems with this but, in large part due to being completely new to Apple, ITunes and the Ipad , itself. That is a LARGE hump to get over all at once. The FORESTER GPS GIS II is capable of so many functions, useful ones, it is amazing it is sold at the price it is.

    • cmtinc says:

      Hi Byron,

      Thanks for the recommendation, and thank you for the valuable suggestion on user interface that you submitted to us before. May this be a productive year for us all!

    • byron says:

      Doing some reading within the help files. The early target here is to get very familiar with ‘Topic’, ‘Feature’, ‘Attribute’, ‘Value.’ This App limits at this point are related to my lack of practice. Amazing what this App is capable of doing.

      Best to All

    • cmtinc says:

      Yes, it will be well worth your efforts to nail down the Feature List.

      The following articles at this blog site should also be helpful:

      Defining GPS data collection parameters

      Setting up the Attributes for a Feature Topic

      Questions about recording Nested Points

    • byron says:

      Many Thanks,

      As I get further and deeper some issues / problems get resolved but, I seem to pick up some that weren’t.

      Any ideas on producing a .PDF to email. I coud have sworn when I first dealt with this App, I was able to produce a PDf showing all Topic Layers WITH the Aerial Photo also displayed.

      Now i get only the Topic / Features and no hint of Topo or Aerial

      Any thoughtst here ”

      Thanks, ,in advance


    • cmtinc says:

      The Apple Map cannot be output to a PDF file.
      On the other hand, the CMT Background Map can.
      The background map you previous saw in a PDF file must have been the squawcreek.pim sample file that we provided with the app.

      You can use your PC-GIS X to prepare the .pim registered image for your job site then transfer it to Forester GPS GIS II to use as Background Map. The Background Map function is on the Main Menu. It is different from the Map function (which will display the Apple Map).

    • byron says:

      Greetings, and Happy News, ….. Yes, apparently one can if one finds the link. I was fortunate to find a good explanation and, soon thereafter, had a wonderful PDF which included the ” Apple ” aerial background. See for yourselves !! I’d love to do an attachmeent here to show you all just how well this worked !! Beautiful !!

    • cmtinc says:

      Glad to hear that this solution works for you and thanks for sharing this link.

      We talked about taking a snapshot of the displayed map in the 7/25/14 article at

      What you get is a photo image file, not a PDF file. You can use some program (such as Microsoft Word) to insert the photo into a document then print to a PDF file if you wish.

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