Can I remove a shapefile from a job?

This question was submitted by an iCMTGIS II user but the answer applies to our other apps that provide the capability to import Shapefiles.

The Features in the imported Shapefiles are placed on a Topic Layer. There may be Topics of Point type, of Line type or of Area type in your map job.

If you intend to remove the Shapefiles after you have used them as reference in the job, then do not add new Features to the same Topics. Rather, create new Topics for any new Features you will be adding to the job. Then you may hide the Shapefiles features by un-marking their Topic names in the Topic View panel, or you could delete the Topics (that came in from the Shapefiles) that you do not need anymore. Make sure that you do not have any Features that you need in the Topics that you want to delete. Once a Topic is deleted, all the Features in it will be gone.

Alternatively, you could delete individual unwanted Features that came in from the Shapefiles, if they are not too numerous.


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