Manure application rates in Farming GPS GIS or Farming GPS GIS II

” I recently purchase the farm gps-gis app. I am trying to figure out how to have a legend setup so that different values (application rates) under and attribute (dry manure tons/acre) will show up as different colors. I know how to change the display color manually for each area but some fields have up to 200 data areas with only 4 different application rates. I just want to set a display color for each application rate – not do 200 data areas individually.”

This user imported the farm areas from Shapefiles.

Farming GPS GIS and Farming GPS GIS II provide a Feature List function that let’s you assign different symbols/patterns to different Values for an Attribute. You can tap on the Main Menu icon, select Help, select Set up Feature List then follow the instructions to set up your Feature List Use the same Topic names, Attribute Names and Attribute Values as in the Shapefiles. Tap the Activate Pattern check box then assign the different area color/patterns to the various Values. Save the Feature List under an appropriate file name.

The app will apply a Feature List to new Features added to the Job with which the Feature List is associated. Therefore you should create a new Job file, associate it with your Feature List, then import the Shapefiles for your farm areas. To associate a Feature List with a Job file, tap on the Main Menu icon, select Job/Open Job, select a Job name then select the Feature List and tap on OK.

After importing the Shapefiles, the area sections should display with the color/patterns that reflect the different dry manure application rates.

By the way, Forester GPS GIS, Forester GPS GIS II and Utility Data Collection also provide the Activate Pattern functionality.


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