Economical tool for working with grid sample points on iPhone & iPad

“I need a utility to overlay timber cruising grid sample points over aerial maps and then be able to navigate to each one. Can this app do this on my iPhone? Will it work without good cell signal? If there is a better option, let me know, just trying to be most economical.”

This question was submitted as an inquiry into the Deed Calls – Area – Perimeter app.

The Deed Calls – Area – Perimeter app for iPhone and iPad will let you create an area by entering the angles and directions for a deed plot, but it does not provide the function for creating the grid points.

The Grid & Stakeout app for iPhone and iPad will let you digitize an area over the displayed Apple Maps for your timber stands. It will let you create the cruising grid sample points over the timber stand and help you navigate to each cruising point.

Forester GPS GIS provides all of the above functions plus the ability to import Shapefiles and divide and combine areas. However, it is for use on an iPad.

The Apple Map can be displayed only when wi-fi is available. However, once you have added the stand boundary and created the grid points, those features will display independent of wi-fi availability.


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